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Bennet Springs Triple Falls North Carolina Polar Bear Pisces OCEAN 19 Blackbirds Squaw Creek Egrets Autumn Tree Hawk Peach iris


Extrude A Mystery Of Gods Pisces Christmas Card Abstract iris abstract Red Head On Ole Bill Centrifuge Faces Of Trivia Lunch counter


Garden in Gold Leaf2 Orchid in black and white Rose Emergance Iris Lace water lily Opening The New Deal cone flowers purple cone flowers Royal Spring


The New Deal Triple Falls North Carolina Bennet Springs Midas Fall Looking Glass Falls Landscape Cascade Autumn Still Life Autumn Tree Prairie Edge Lakewood


Saint Catharines Bennet Springs Iris Lace Royal Spring Trumpets of Spring Spring Garden Grape Leaves in Spring Golden Spring Spring Still Life KC Spring


Western Auto In Winter Unity Village Horse in winter Victorian Christmas Powell Gardens in Winter Parkville in Winter Liberty Square in Winter Winter Sun Winter Melt Country Club Christian Church


Kansas City Cross Roads Western Auto In Winter Saint Catharines Victorian Christmas Powell Gardens Chapel Downtown Kansas City The Getty panel 1 The Getty Triptych Dogs Lay at Her Feet Liberty Carpenter Gothic


River Otter 19 Blackbirds Gorilla Rhino Snowy Egret-Island Beach State Park N.J. Hippos in Love Icarus sea lion penguin Siblings


Bird on a limb Form Without Function 19 Blackbirds Squaw Creek Egrets Hawk Downey Woodpecker Take Off Winter Blues Squaw Creek Landscape Cardinal in gold leaf


Missouri River Valley Western Auto In Winter Hotel California- La Jolla Bennet Springs Autumn Tree Laying on a Hammock Bird on a limb Autumn Gold Autumn island in a sea of grass Layers of Autumn

Kansas City

Unity Village Western Auto In Winter Kansas City Cross Roads River Otter Downtown Kansas City Kansas City Skyline at Christmas City Street City Street Canyon Barney Allis Plaza-Kansas City Kansas City Evening


A Mystery Of Gods Seaside American Sunset Missouri 291 Evening at the Nature Center Key Largo Equus Thunder Kansas City Evening First Watch Into the clearing


Kansas Landscape Missouri River Valley Saint Catharines Triple Falls North Carolina Summer Landscape Park University Bouquet Road Side Stand sunflower burst A Thistle Community


Victorian Christmas Christmas  Collage Christmas Card Christmas Card Collage Christmas Card Abstract Penguin Christmas Strang Car Barn in Winter Holidays  for All Infinite Joy Christmas Greetings


Pelican Island Emu Portrait Resting in the sun baby giraffe poster ANHINGA SUNRISE King Fisher Squaw Creek Egrets Cheetahs in Love First Watch Loess Bluff Landing

Still Life

Autumn Still Life Spring Still Life Still life Still Life with apples Still Life With Roses Spring Bouquet Window Fruit Stand Pumpkins Blues Landscape Pumpkins Blues Portrait


Pisces Queen Angel Fish Panel 2 from Swirl Hour Glass shark BETTA Big Red Icicles, My Betta panel three from Swirl OCEAN


soul of music Let There Be Music The Soloist Christmas  Collage The Waltz Senorita Dance Floating Melody Flight Private Parking Pan at the Biltmore

Black And White

Orchid in black and white Western Auto In Winter The Jester Eye in the Sky Sky collage BW Cat Teenage Wasteland Chicago Metra Line Steam Engine in BW Sail Boat Fishing Boats


Iris Lace Iris Farm iris in gold leaf iris abstract panel two from Iris Iris Emergance Panel one from Iris Peach iris Panel three from Iris


Bayonne Bridge Missouri River Valley Kansas Landscape Kansas City Cross Roads Saint Catharines A Mystery Of Gods Chicago Metra Line Steam Engine Lake Cook Rd Chicago Botanical Gardens Landscape Unity Village Hotel California- La Jolla


water lily Garden in Gold Leaf2 Orchid in black and white Opening Rose Emergance Iris Lace Spring Bouquet Toronto tulip Window Peach iris

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